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Hot item that all airsofters must have : Airsoft Lube

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We are getting ready to launch some new products in the upcoming weeks. We want you to be as excited as we are. We will be giving away a brand new G & G ARP-9 that has a custom Cerakote paintwork by HV Cerakote. We will be announcing our giveaway details soon. 

We have already released our airsoft lube, Premium Performance Lubricant. Our lubricant comes in 2 different formulas, Lightweight and Heavyweight.

The lightweight formula is thinner than the heavyweight, but it will still stay in place, and not run like typical spray lubricants. The Killer Bee Airsoft Premium Performance Lubricant Light Weight formula has many uses, some of the recommenced applications for:

  • Gas blowback magazines

  • O-rings

  • Rubber seals

  • Propane adapters

  • General cleaning and assembly

The heavyweight formula is thicker than the lightweight formula and will do a great job staying in place to keep the lube where you need it, and off of the parts you don't. Some of the many uses for the Killer Bee Airsoft Premium Performance Lubricant Heavy Weight formula are: 

  • Gas blowback rifles

  • GBBR bolts

  • Gas blowback pistols 

  • GBB slides

  • Airtight seals

  • Metal on plastic parts

  • Hot climates 

While we designed our lubricants for airsoft use, it could be used on just about anything that lubrication is needed. One of the best airsoft lubes for plastics that come in contact with plastics, as our formula is immensely safe on plastics and rubber. 

You can purchase our lubricants at your favorite local retailer. If they are out of stock, ask them to carry it, or buy it online. Remember to check out our line of biodegradable airsoft bbs. 

Airsoft lubricant by Killer Bee Airsoft.

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