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Best 6mm Bio BBS for Airsoft soon to make higher weight 6mm bbs.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

  With many thanks and gratitude to you, we held a successful launch of Killer Bee Airsoft Biodegradable 6mm Airsoft bbs. We are now working out the final details for some added weights to our line. We will be introducing 0.36g, 0.40g, 0.45g bio bbs as well as biodegradable tracers in various weights.

     Our Killer Bee Airsoft brand 6mm airsoft bbs are all biodegradable. We put the bio bbs and airsoft lubricants through some of the most stringent quality control procedures and testing. All 6mm bbs get tested for consistency, accuracy, performance, roundness, and density several times before getting shipped to the retail locations or fields. 

      Our purpose is not only to present the player with one of the best biodegradable 6mm bbs, but it is also to provide you with outstanding support and accessibility to our company.  We commit to providing you the same customer service, and high-quality product that we have.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail, phone or in person. We love to speak to customers and fellow members of the airsoft community. Even if you are planning on purchasing elsewhere, we would still love to hear from you to answer any inquiries or matters you may have. 

Thank you again for choosing Killer Bee Airsoft for your biodegradable bbs and airsoft lubes. Our mission is to provide you with the Best 6mm Bio BBS for Airsoft possible. 

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